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Exotic Wood Turnings

Established in 2016

Kevin has always admired things made from wood especially Exotic woods. Working in Exotic woods imported from around the World and other materials such as snake skins, feathers and many other forms of materials has become a passion. Wood is “amazing”, no two pieces are ever the same not even from the same tree. Finding new and different woods and experimenting with different materials has become more fun than work for him. He won’t even call it a job. Grains, textures, and even color vary widely giving every piece created its own unique finger print and look.

Working in wood for over 45 years for fun and self-satisfaction. In early 2016 with encouragement from his wife, Terry, and several good friends, he decided to turn his passion for pens and wood turning into the Eastern Shore Wood Designs.  

Working with raw woods and other raw materials, turning them into fine writing instruments such as fountain pens and other creations has become a lifelong dream. Items that are not only functional but also works of art that can be used every day and, in some cases, added to collections for their beauty and unique look, colors, grains, texture and imperfections even worm holes, knots and natural imperfections can be amazing, flaws in wood can sometimes become incredible looking piece.

Kevin moved to Maryland in the early 80’s and settling on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Working from his studio he creates each piece one at a time. No mass production nor any duplication systems, it’s all done with hand tools and a lathe, each piece is a one of a kind. It’s “Quality not Quantity”.

Joining the International Association of Penturners in 2016 and having the opportunity to display his work at Candelberry Gallery in St. Michaels, MD year-round since 2016 has fueled his passion.

Completing over 20 shows in late 2016-2017 season was a great experience. Giving Kevin an insight for the future and motivation to expand ESWD into the future for new designs. 2018 vision is for 25 plus shows for the year and plans to increase this in years to come.

Juried by Plein Aire of Easton, MD for July 2017 and again in 2018 for participation in the Plein Aire Competition show. 2018 Juried by the Fredrick Arts Council of Fredrick, MD.

Having studied Photograph, Communications and Jewelry Designs at William Paterson University and Montclair State University in the 1970’s.

In 1980 opening E&K Jewelry Design and becoming Staff Photographer and writer for Keepin Track of Vettes Magazine, with 2 cover shots and writing several inside stores and photos.

All woods used are NOT on any endangered list or endangered of becoming extinct. Any Skins or Feather used are from animals raised for food and the items used are from the recycling nature and what it has to offer to us and its beauty.